Is your start date based upon a rule of thumb?

CPP Optimizer

Maximize your lifetime CPP income by choosing the best possible start date. Each of us has 121 different
choices about when to start collecting our CPP. The difference between a good choice and a poor choice
can be $100,000+ in lifetime income.

The CPP Optimizer compares all your options and identifies the start-date choice that
will maximize your lifetime income.

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Are you building future tax traps?

Tax Minimizer

Strategies that are saving you taxes today could be costly later in life. Don't build yourself into a tax trap.

The Tax Minimizer assesses your current strategies. We will make recommendations as to how you can avoid future tax traps & minimize taxes over the balance of your life.

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Are you adding to and/or taking money from the right accounts?

Strategic Cash Flow

Making the right deposit/withdrawal choices pays big dividends.

Our Strategic Cash Flow process will review your recent deposit and withdrawal choices to determine if you are taking full advantage of all available opportunities.

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How current is your financial plan?

Financial Planning

Most of us have spent more time planning our last vacation than planning the rest of our lives. Is it any wonder we worry about the future?

We are experts in building financial plans for people who are in or approaching retirement.

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The Emeritus Program

The Emeritus Program is for those who want on going access to all the resources at Retirement Navigator and Integrated Money Management. Clients in the Emeritus Program have typically been through one or more of our other services prior to engaging with at this level. Completion of our financial planning process is a must before anyone joins the program.

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