Strategies for winning the tax game

Strategies that are saving you taxes today could be costly later in life. The Tax Minimizer assesses your current strategies and make recommendations as to how you can avoid future tax traps & minimize taxes over the balance of your life. Sometimes paying more taxes today can mean a whole lot less later.

You will benefit from the Tax Minimizer if you are asking questions like:

  • Should I be adding more to my RSP?
  • Is my savings and/or withdrawal strategy the best for the long term?
  • Am I making the most out of my TFSA?
  • Could I get more out of income splitting?

While smart investments may earn you an extra percent or two, good tax strategies can save you ten.

In order to answer your questions will need to collect some information about you and your financial situation. The required data includes the approximate value of the different account types you hold (RSP, TFSA, Group RSP, etc.), the values from several lines on your most recent tax return, and the amount of RSP room available to you.

All data is held and treated confidentially in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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