Elegant Simplicity delivers the accuracy of complexity with the ease of simplicity.

Better-informed decisions. Better outcomes.

Carl Richards, a renowned columnist for the New York Times and author of the bestselling book, "Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things With Money", speaks of three constructs that are available to each of us to help us make better choices. He calls these three constructs: Simplistic, Complexity and Elegant Simplicity.


Make better choices with greater ease.

The power of Elegant Simplicity.


Simplicity is all about taking short cuts and relying solely upon standard rules of thumb and conventional wisdom. Both of these are relatively useless today and, in many instances, downright dangerous - especially in times of rapid, significant change.

If you need evidence, simply look at the hundreds of thousands of dollars Canadians inadvertently leave on the table when it comes to choosing when to start to collect their CPP benefits.


Complexity is mired in many complex calculations and, out of necessity, incorporates many simplifying assumptions. In most cases, people become so absorbed in the process that they lose perspective of what they are trying to accomplish.

The big problem with complexity is that it often makes you default to the first or most obvious choices, robbing you of the benefits of being able to compare all possible options.

Elegant Simplicity

Elegant Simplicity gives you the accuracy of complexity with the ease of simplicity, allowing you to compare and choose from choices to find the ones that serve your needs best.

Think of Retirement Navigator™ as your retirement GPS, helping you choose the best route in your journey, monitoring your progress along the way and suggesting course adjustments when unanticipated roadblocks arise.

Life is really simple,
but we insist on making
it complicated.

- Confucius

Tasks that have been historically daunting are now do-able.

The best insight is hindsight.

Elegant Simplicity

When you want to choose the route that will get you to your desired destination as quickly as possible, you turn to an elegantly simple tool. Your GPS.

Your GPS computes millions of complex calculations to compare the time required to complete each possible route and removes the complexity so you can confidently follow the elegantly simple guidance. Your GPS then continues to track your progress along the suggested route, looking for changes in conditions, including potential hazards which may cause it to recommend that you alter your route.

Like a GPS, our suite of proven, time-tested, elegantly simple tools will help ensure that you reach your desired retirement 'destination' by delivering the benefit of hindsight before you need to make your choices - instead of after.

Experience Elegant Simplicity first-hand. Try our CPP Optimizer tool.

Explore the financial implications of your many choices as they collide and interact with each another.
Stop Watch
'Fast forward' these insights into the future so you can look back at the projected implications of your choices to determine if your desired outcomes are achievable and sustainable.
Thumbs Up
Our elegantly simple tools complete millions of complex calculations to identify which choices will optimize your income, while minimizing your taxes, over the balance of your life.
Magnifying Glass
Like a GPS, this elegantly simple solution continually monitors your progress against the planned drawdown strategy, always on the lookout for changing conditions that may warrant modifying your plan.

Our C3 Process™ enables you to make better choices with Elegant Simplicity.

Your choices determine your destiny.

Your big choices during the Retirement Risk Zone Years:

Last 10 years of accumulation
  • How much longer should I choose to work?
  • How much more should I choose to save?
  • Where should I choose to direct the final top-ups of my savings?
  • How much more should I choose to put in my RRSP?
  • Should I choose to follow a "work optional" approach?
  • What role will my home equity play?
    Do I choose to downside and if so, when?
First 10 years of drawdown
  • When should I choose to start to collect my Canada Pension Plan / Old Age Security?
  • How soon should I convert my RRSP to a RRIF?
  • Can I afford to support the lifestyle I have chosen or do I risk outliving my money?
  • Have I chosen a well-informed drawdown strategy to protect the lone survivor financially, after the first of us passes?
  • How much financial assistance can I afford to offer my children today, without putting my own financial future at risk?
  • Do I choose to leave an estate to future generations? If so, how much?

The more good choices you make, the better the second half of your life will be.

Choose to succeed.


Uncertainty can cost you money and peace of mind.

Achieve clarity and confidence.

Elegant Simplicity delivers the benefit of hindsight before you make your choices because gaining the benefit of hindsight after you have committed to your choices is too late.