Your Financial Flight Plan

Most of us have spent more time planning our last vacation than planning the rest of our lives. Is it any wonder we worry about the future? At Retirement Navigator™ we understand this worry and our goal is to get you answers about how to get the most life from the money you have.

When you started saving any number of years ago, there was a simple plan, allocate set amounts of money to different accounts and build a nest egg. Deploying those savings from your nest egg to fund your retirement of 20, 30, or even 40 years is not quite so easy. If you have retired or are planning on retiring soon, you don’t want to be left without a master plan on how you will withdraw from the accounts you worked so hard to save into.

At Retirement Navigator, we have developed a suite of powerful tools that support our time tested "C3 Comprehensive Planning" Retirement Income Planning Process to help you accomplish this.

Completing the process will:

  • Bring you clarity that your envisioned retirement is possible
  • Give you confidence in your future saving and withdrawal strategies
  • Arm you with a plan to minimize taxes over the balance of your life.

We will help you make your best choices about:

  1. How much longer you choose to work (if applicable)
  2. Your ideal savings strategies as you approach and live in retirement
  3. The role your home equity may play in your future
  4. The life choices possible within the constraints of your personal situation
  5. Future decisions like starting CPP & OAS and when to convert RSP’s to RIF’s

Most importantly we will hand you a personalized drawdown strategy (to minimize how much you will pay away in taxes), that integrates into your personal retirement plan.

We are located in Burlington Ontario and work with people all across Canada using virtual meetings to connect no matter where you are located. Book a free call to find out if the C3 process is right for you. (Package costs $2500)

Five steps to C3 Comprehensive Planning

Learn how to use the elegantly simple tools that support our C3 Planning Process™. Let technology do the work, so you don’t have to. Experience a brand-new intuitive approach to planning that puts you in the driver’s seat, provides you with complete transparency to the choice outcomes you are evaluating, while ultimately allowing you to quickly and easily make better choices.
Explore the many lifestyle choices you are contemplating. Allow these choices to connect and collide. Discover the future financial implications of your choices before you make them. Having advanced knowledge of the future implications of your available choices is the key to selecting the choices that best serve you.
Clearly define what you plan to do, when you plan to do it, how big you plan to do it. Enjoy the confidence of knowing the specific steps you need to follow, to ensure these outcomes occur.
Discover how to better align your money choices with your desired life choices. Optimize your income streams, minimize your tax obligations. Utilize the knowledge of how much money you need and when you need it to solve the year to year puzzle of where to source your needed cash flow, and how much you should draw from each source to win the retirement tax game.
Your retirement journey will require many course corrections. Gain access to a process that allows you to always keep your plan current as you monitor your progress.

Consultative Sessions

If you are looking for help on a specific issue but have not found it covered on our webpage, we still may be able to assist you. We have experience with Estates, Life Insurance, Pension Transfers and much more.

Consultative sessions start at $500. Call us to find out of we can help and what it may cost.

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