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Making better choices can be elegantly simple.

Discover how powerful tools that deliver Elegant Simplicity allow you to quickly and easily calculate – and ultimately compare – the future outcomes of your many available choices, so you can determine whether they are achievable and sustainable.

Canada Pension Plan Optimizer

Learn the optimal time to start collecting your Canada Pension Plan entitlements.

An average couple faces a total of 14,641 different choices of when to begin collecting their CPP benefits. Each of these choices leads to a different financial outcome. In only seconds, our elegantly simple CPP Optimizer will compare the financial outcomes of each of your choices and then recommend the choice that will give you the optimal financial outcome.

Canada Pension Plan Estimator

Gain a more accurate estimate of the annual amount of CPP you are entitled to at age 65.

Services Canada does not know the exact details of your life and work history so their projected CPP entitlement at age 65 includes several assumptions that can significantly impact the validity of the number. Our CPP Estimator allows you to quickly and easily extract these assumptions and build the realities of your past life and work history to arrive at a far more accurate projection of your CPP entitlement.

Old Age Security Optimizer

Discover strategies to optimize income and minimize the claw back of your OAS entitlement.

If your net income for a year exceeds a certain annual threshold, the government will impose a tax – commonly referred to as a claw back – on your Old Age Security payments.

Defined Benefit Pension Income Optimizer

Make the right choices before your pension choices are locked in forever.

If you are one of the small number of Baby Boomers who will enjoy the guarantees of a Defined Benefit Pension Plan, it’s very important that you choose the right pension options before you start collecting it. Once the plan has started, your choices will be locked-in for life.

Annuity Analyzer

Discover the best way to integrate annuities into your overall financial plan.

Annuities are a unique financial vehicle that offer a guaranteed income for life. However, because there are so many different types of annuities, it’s important to make the right decisions about whether they’re right for you and how they fit into your overall portfolio of retirement income planning assets.

Income Splitting Optimizer

Learn how to optimize your income and minimize taxes with income splitting.

Many Canadians passively accept income splitting as a choice that is made by their tax preparer at tax time. In reality, there are many strategic tax splitting options to consider that can significantly increase your tax savings. Don’t look back in regret at the strategies you overlooked.

Longevity Predictor

Estimate your life expectancy, instead of guessing.

Your projected life expectancy should play a major role in your retirement income planning. Our Retirement Navigator™ Longevity Predictor will quickly and easily provide you with a life expectancy calculation specifically tailored to you, based on your lifestyle, current health and family history.

Winning the Tax Game

Learn how to navigate Canada’s complex tax system.

Taxation will be one of your greatest expenses in retirement. Many of the things you are doing in your accumulation years in the run-up to retirement are laying the groundwork for costly tax traps; traps that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement income. By consciously deciding when and how much of each of your cash flow sources to rely upon, you can significantly reduce the amount of tax you will pay over the balance of your life.

My Spending Analyzer

Identify those ‘Hidden Habits’ that are costing you money and peace of mind.

Achieving confidence and clarity of what lifetime outcomes are truly possible starts with a strong fundamental understanding of where your money is currently going. Our Retirement Navigator™ Spending Analyzer quickly and easily allows you to analyze where your funds have been used over the past 12 months. Upon this strong foundation, you can then begin to explore how these spending patterns will vary as you pass through your Go-Go Years, your Slow-Go Years and your No-Go Years.

Futures By Design

Take your retirement dreams and plans for a test drive to see if they are achievable.

Futures By Design is one of the core tools of our C3 Process™. This powerful tool allows you to explore the long-term implications of combining a broad variety of choices. With elegant simplicity, it models the long term financial implications of your choices – fast forwarding you to a powerful future vantage point – to help you understand the implications of these choices before you commit to them. This gives you the benefit of hindsight before you commit to your choices, instead of after.

My Personal Pension Plan

Protect your nest egg from inevitable market downturns.

My Personal Pension Plan will consolidate the financial elements of your many choices, empowering you and/or your money manager(s) to make better choices about how to invest your retirement nest egg and protect it from uncontrollable market fluctuations by putting pension-like mechanisms in place.

Stressing the System

Understand the implications of critical events and how to respond to them.

In your life journey, you will inevitably encounter unanticipated detours: the premature death or difficulties of people you love and wish to support, higher or lower rates of returns than anticipated, the loss of a job before it was anticipated… This is why planning needs to be an ongoing process – instead of a one-time event. Our Retirement Navigator™ Stressing the System tool uses Futures by Design to help you understand the implications of unanticipated events and determine your responses in advance so you can keep your retirement income plan on track.