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Maximize your lifetime CPP income by choosing the best possible start date. Each of us has 121 different choices about when to start collecting our CPP. The difference between a good choice and a poor choice can be $100,000+ in lifetime income.

The CPP Optimizer compares all your options and identifies the start-date choice that will maximize your lifetime income.

Your right start-date will be determined by balancing the benefits of starting CPP sooner and getting a lower income against starting CPP later and receiving a larger income.Selecting your best CPP start-date involves far more than just identifying the mathematically optimal choice. You also need to consider your current financial situation and future cash flow needs.

During your consultation, we start by identifying your mathematically optimal start-date and then refine this choice based upon the specifics of your situation.

With potentially $100,000+ of retirement income at risk, $500 dollars and ½ hour of your time is a small investment to make to avoid the risk of missing out on $100,000+ of retirement income.

*Based on a person age 59 today who expects $8,000/year in benefits and to live at least another 25 years.

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*Price is inclusive of all sales taxes.