Day: June 14, 2021

Getting more out of your retirment starts with knowing what you want.
In retirement, taxation will likely be your greatest on-going expense. Retirement however can also provide you with significant opportunities to reduce taxes. Taking advantage of these opportunities requires a shift in your thinking. A Required Shift in Thinking Effective retirement tax planning starts with the acknowledgment that annual cash flow needs will continuously fluctuate – […]
“Life,” philosopher Albert Camus contended, “is the sum of all your choices.” Good or bad. Easy or hard. Right or wrong. Every choice you make will impact your life to some degree. Choices with little impact are often made without much thought. The problem is that we often take this casual approach to decision-making when […]
Doug Dahmer talks about retirement tax strategies in the Globe and Mail with Jonathon Chevreau.
Upon retirement, the vast majority of baby boomers are now faced with the daunting challenge…
Simon Avery talks with Doug Dahmer about retirement tax traps and OAS claw back.
Jonathon Chevreau and Doug Dahmer on getting to work optional.