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Better retirement choices.

“Life,” philosopher Albert Camus contended, “is the sum of all your choices.” Good or bad. Easy or hard. Right or wrong. Every choice you make will impact your life to some degree. Choices with little impact are often made without much thought. The problem is that many people also take this casual approach to decision-making […]

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The financial plight of the surviving spouse.

Take me with you when you go, girl Take me anywhere you go I’ve got nothin’ here but me, babe Take me with you when you go – Jack White Over my nearly 30 years of financial planning, death in a client family has given me both agonizingly poignant moments but also moments of tremendous encouragement […]

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Debt is more than a four-letter word.

The month of April is always a very busy time for Retirement Income Specialists. One of our key roles is to provide each of our clients with a year-by-year drawdown recipe that outlines how much and where to source their annual cash flow needs. Our ultimate goal is not to minimize the amount of income […]

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Debt and taxes.

I have been working with clients to help them maximize the life span and utility of their financial resources for nearly 30 years. I know you are likely tired of hearing it, but let me state the obvious, and then add a caveat. The obvious: it starts with a lot of early preparation. The caveat: […]

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Winning and losing the tax game.

Many of my clients and friends still believe that there is inherent fairness in government programs. When I point out disparities in medical services, government contracts, municipal board decisions, welfare payments, and the greatest of them all – taxation – they begin to acknowledge the painful reality that many government programs just aren’t fair. Too […]

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Then you did. Now you don’t.

A lifetime of financial security is not a linear process. In fact, everything that worked to your advantage pre-retirement, turns and works against you in your drawdown years. During your accumulation years, tax planning is centered on deferring taxes to future years. The RRSP mantra is followed blindly without much consideration for the end game. […]

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Robo Advisors: rise of the machines.

I know Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, I’ve read Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and I love the Terminator movies (I’ll be back!). From all this, I know three things: Robots are very smart. Robots always start off to help you. Robots tend to turn on you. One of the newest crazes […]

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Drawdown years money management.

Even though retiring Boomers are a huge group with enormous clout and wealth, no one in the investment industry is talking about the fact they are headed for a big financial pothole. The harsh reality is that everything that Baby Boomers have done to build wealth will be undone – if they keep doing what […]

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The mathematics of catastrophe.

I was not the best math student in the world but I certainly enjoyed numbers. I especially liked prime numbers and their unique indivisibility. In the course of my retirement income planning career, I had another math lesson that now holds my interest even more. Here is the lesson: if you halve a number, you […]

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Doctrine for dollars.

1. You need to plan for your retirement. No, really. You need to plan for your retirement. The Baby Boomers who succeed in their retirement years will be the ones who develop a real, practical and actionable road map of the outcomes they desire most with the associated timelines and costs. With this information, they […]

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Conscious clients.

One of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of my job here at Retirement Navigator™ is working with my clients as they learn what I call ‘conscious living’. It’s a skill that has tremendous impact on their quality of life and their retirement plan. My ‘conscious’ clients have a retirement plan and clearly defined goals. […]

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The scourge of dementia.

“Alzheimer’s disease – the degenerative brain condition that is not content to simply kill its victims, it must first snuff out their essence.” – Time Magazine, October 31, 2010 By age 85, an individual has a 50% chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Chances are if you don’t have Alzheimer’s, you will be caring for someone […]

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The fatal flaw in most retirement plans.

There is a critical issue that continually arises which people don’t tend to think about when it comes to their retirement planning. I’m not talking about their income requirements, retirement age, accumulated assets, government benefits or even their expected rates of return, though they are important. What’s often ignored is their life expectancy. Your life […]

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Get a bird in the hand and two in the bush.

Canadians from across the country are starting to look at their Canada Pension Plan with the respect it deserves. The reaction to our CPP Optimizer research report has been overwhelming. In a nutshell, the CPP benefit for a couple can be more than $700,000 over their lifetime and our research study demonstrates that the difference […]

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Easy money most Canadians miss.

Canada Pension Plan. You’ve earned it, got it coming to you and boy are you going to get it… or at least some of it. That’s the crazy part. Many Canadians will inadvertently pass up well over $100,000 of their CPP entitlement by not paying attention to when they start to draw their benefits. Here […]

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Canada Pension Plan optimization.

My wife, Nancy, is a healthcare professional, and I am never sure how much interest she has in financial matters. She appears to listen attentively when I start to talk about issues affecting retirement, but I think she does so to humor me. She is, I think, more interested in new techniques for wound management […]

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A rare bird to be on the lookout for.

Retirement Income Specialists are a very rare breed of financial planner. So rare, in fact, that to date, the clear majority of Canadians are unaware of their existence and consequently very few have benefited from the very valuable and much needed services they provide. This new specialized category of financial advisor is at the leading edge […]

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Freedom is realizing
You have a choice.

- T.F. Hodge

Better knowledge will help you make better retirement planning decisions.

Retire your apprehension and worries.

With the right information, tools, advice and planning you can make better choices. Choices that will give you confidence about your retirement - both now and in the future.